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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Air Filters

Most folks don’t spend much time pondering their HVAC system—it generally becomes a topic for discussion only when things malfunction. By then, you’re either too hot or too cold to think straight, sorely regretting having neglected your heating and air conditioning equipment. Something as simple as changing your air filters can prevent a scenario where […]

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HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

Turning back the clocks, shopping for t-shirts and patio furniture, heading to soccer practice…these are certainly harbingers of Spring, but how about a bit of Spring (HVAC) cleaning? Sure, we tidy up the yard, raking, mowing, and preparing the garden, but have you given any thought to cleaning that HVAC system? Spring has sprung, so let’s talk about

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Ductless Hvac Systems

You may have heard some buzz lately regarding ductless HVAC systems. There’s a lot of information out there, but where does one begin? Without asking you to take an HVAC course yourself, we’d like to break down the basics for you. How Does It Work? Ductless systems are a super-efficient way to heat and cool

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Common HVAC Q&As

If you own your home, maybe you’ve had to deal with HVAC unit issues…maybe not! HVAC systems should typically be very durable with a life of 10-20 years, but you’re bound to run into an issue with your units eventually, which can be intimidating if you’ve never had to deal with heating and cooling issues

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