Common HVAC Q&As

If you own your home, maybe you’ve had to deal with HVAC unit issues…maybe not!

HVAC systems should typically be very durable with a life of 10-20 years, but you’re bound to run into an issue with your units eventually, which can be intimidating if you’ve never had to deal with heating and cooling issues before. To put your mind at ease, we thought we’d share some answers to some of the most common HVAC questions that we hear!

Should I repair or replace my HVAC unit?

This hugely depends on each individual situation. Some things to consider are how costly the repair is and if you’ve already had other unexpected costs associated with your unit, how well you feel it provides comfort in your home, how long it’s been in use, the unit’s energy efficiency and its ability to keep your utility bills low. We recommend scheduling a diagnostic with an experienced HVAC professional to explore your options.

Are there things I can do to extend the life of my HVAC unit?

You are much less likely to experience breakdowns and issues by simply inspecting and maintaining your HVAC unit on a regular basis. Properly maintaining your HVAC system will help avoid repair costs and the potential need for an early replacement of your heating and cooling units. Getting an annual maintenance plan from your local HVAC professional is a great way to maintain your HVAC equipment and ensure you get the most life out of it.

What can I do to improve my indoor air quality?

Considering the negative health effects associated with poor indoor air quality, indoor air pollutants are certainly something you don’t want lingering around your home. Some ways you can improve your air quality are by ensuring your home is well-ventilated, regularly replacing your furnace filters, and considering an air purifier and even investing in some air-purifying plants!

How can I save money on my utility bills?

Properly maintaining your HVAC system is a great way to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. Some recommendations to keep your HVAC system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible are to get your HVAC components inspected regularly to ensure everything is working at optimum performance, get the gas and electrical connections checked regularly to make sure they’re clean and tight, and to clean or replace your air filters regularly to keep system capacity and airflow at maximum efficiency.

If you’re in the Greater Puget Sound region, Taylor Heating & AC offers heating, cooling, air purification, electrical upgrades, water heaters, and other services that will help you lower your bills and maximize your home’s comfort. Our experienced professionals can provide preventative maintenance and repairs for your current HVAC systems or recommend and install the perfect new system for your home. Please reach out if there’s anything we can help with!

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