Extending The Life Of Your Hvac System

At Taylor Heating & AC, we know a thing or two about HVAC systems, but what are a few things that everyone should be aware of when it comes to extending the life of your system?

Properly caring for your air conditioning and heating units is an important part of giving your HVAC a long and productive lifespan. Over time, normal wear and tear takes its toll, and utility bills increase due to inefficient HVAC systems. Various components are replaced as time goes by, but eventually, entire setups need to be replaced.

The good news is that HVAC technology is steadily improving, and Taylor will always have access to the latest gear available for our customers. In the interim, we thought we’d share a few invaluable pointers on keeping your HVAC system ship-shape.

Change Filters Regularly

On average, most filters are known as either “3 month pleated” or “30 day fiberglass”. Be sure to regularly check your system’s filters to ensure there are no blockages, dust, and dirt. These things greatly reduce an HVAC system’s efficiency, so keeping an eye on them is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to keep your costs down while maintaining your system responsibly.

How’s Your Condenser?

Take a walk outside your house or office, and you’ll find your air conditioner’s condenser unit. Be sure to clear away branches, leaves, and any other debris that may be obstructing your outdoor unit. If you live in a climate where intense weather is common, it’s important to periodically check this unit for damage from ice, hail, snow, and even extreme heat.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Nowadays, smart thermostats are easy and affordable. Some units are even programmable to operate remotely via your phone or tablet. Being proactive and scheduling your heat/ac to kick in at certain times throughout the day ensures the most efficient, cost-effective way to use your setup. Coincidentally, this also helps to extend your HVAC system’s life.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Several times a year, have your furnace and air conditioning units inspected, professionally cleaned, and maintained. Timing is key—for example, having your furnace looked at at the end of the summer is the perfect way to ensure your heat is tip-top for that upcoming winter. The same goes for your AC units—schedule their maintenance in the spring before the warm weather kicks in. Think of it like ongoing dental cleanings for your HVAC system! Purchasing an annual maintenance plan is often the best way to stay ahead of this.

Whether you’d like to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan options, or are ready to upgrade your HVAC system, we’re just a call away, ready to answer all of your air conditioning and heating questions. Give Taylor a call at 253-208-5315.

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