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Puyallup winters are known to be wet, overcast, and most of all– extremely cold. Typically taking place between the months of November through March, it is important for residents in the Puyallup area to be fully prepared for the freezing temperatures before the winters come back into full swing. What better way to be prepared for the cold weather than to have a reliable heat pump installation service carried out in your home?

Call us today to learn how you can have a heat pump installed, or request an estimate for any heat pump installation costs needed to bring this convenient heating element to your home. Discover why Taylor Heating has been the HVAC contractor of choice for Puyallup residents for more than 35 years!

Why Would I Need to Install a Heat Pump in My Home?

Some homeowners might consider the addition of heating to their living spaces as more of a luxury than a necessity, but there are actually several reasons to consider the addition of a new heat pump to your home.

Combat Cold Climate

Puyallup is known for having a cold climate – with its short summers and long, freezing winters. Why let yourself and your family suffer through the cold when you can introduce heat pump technology to course warm air through your walls and floors? Prolonged exposure to the cold can increase the likelihood of getting sick.

This is because our bodies are not as effective when it comes to fighting viruses once cold air is introduced into our system. These viruses include the flu, the common cold, measles, and more. While wearing thicker clothing like sweaters and jackets can somewhat protect the residents of your home from the negative effects of the cold, nothing will beat the security and warmth that a heat pump system can provide.

Efficient Power Consumption

Traditional heating solutions used in American homes relied on the use of flames and burning flammable materials like fossil fuels or natural gas. Examples of this include gas-fired space heaters, gas furnaces, wood-burning or pellet stoves, as well as classic fireplaces. As iconic as these features may be in a home, they can also be quite wasteful in terms of their fuel composition as well as the size of their carbon footprint.

On the other hand, heat pumps work to heat your space with electrical wiring. This supplies warmth in an energy-efficient way, providing heated air to your living spaces with a very small carbon footprint as well as lower utility bills. Enjoy more energy savings overall as well as a lower heating bill – all while also being kinder to the environment.

Versatile Applications

While a vast majority of American homes do use heat pump systems for temperature control in the living spaces of their home, they can also be used for water heating in kitchens and bathrooms. Whether it is summer or winter in Washington, ready access to hot water is useful all year round.

Safer Operation

Replacing your current heating system may spell the difference between a safe home and a fire hazard. There are two possible culprits for fires caused by dangerous heating solutions.

Outdated or Corroded Heat Pumps

Here at Taylor Heating, we advocate for diagnosing and repairing any indoor and outdoor units for both heating and cooling solutions. We have a highly-trained team of experts that offer top-notch diagnostic and repair services to salvage damaged units from the brink of dysfunction. However, we sometimes encounter units that are beyond repair due to how far they have corroded, the gravity of their damage, or simply due to old age.

If left unattended, these can cause unpleasant odors, uneven heating, or even a house fire. Upgrading to a new heat pump will save you the stress of dealing with unpleasant signs of wear and tear. It will also give you peace of mind.

Traditional Heating Elements

Traditional heating elements like fireplaces and woodfire stoves can prove to be dangerous, especially if you have children and pets in your house. These heating solutions need to be kept under close watch at all times.

By having a heat pump installed, you can safely control the temperature in your home. This is made possible by using an HVAC system that relies on electricity consumption rather than an open flame to warm your space.

These four reasons to install a heat pump system should be enough to push you to either make the switch or try your very first heating solution.

Schedule a Reliable Heat Pump Installation from the Experts!

Here at Taylor Heating & AC, we offer an extensive list of services for both heating and cooling solutions. With more than 35 years of experience in providing dependable heat pumps, heat exchangers, gas furnaces, and air conditioner units to residents in the Puyallup area, you can trust that our expert staff knows exactly what they are doing.

Our installation process is straightforward and simple:

  1. Identify an access point inside of your home
  2. Connect the outside pipe from the heat source to your indoor unit
  3. Install the outdoor unit
  4. Configure the wiring and electricity throughout your home
  5. Test for proper function and safety

At Taylor Heating, You are Our Priority

Not only can we offer you the reassurance that your heat pump is properly installed –  we can also offer you fair installation costs and an opportunity to save money in the long-term. We stand by providing our clientele with the best in service. This includes the following perks:

  • Diverse and flexible payment options
  • NO COST consultation
  • Excellent after-sales support.

Each of our installations also comes with a 10-year parts warranty and a 2-year labor warranty. Request our swift support for any troubleshooting and repair needed on the ground – even after you have long since purchased the unit.

For added peace of mind, clients can even explore the long list of perks from our Membership Plans. Enjoy annual filter supplies, waived diagnostic fees, and even discounted HVAC parts should you ever need a replacement!

Decades Worth of Experience That You Can Trust

Taylor Heating has been the trusted HVAC provider of households in Puyallup for more than 35 years. Our experience in providing excellent service goes hand in hand with our team’s proven expertise in the repair, installation, and inspection of your heating and cooling units.

Call Taylor Heating at 253-208-5315 today and experience our tried and tested service for yourself. Ask for a quick quote on your heat pump installation, or book a fee-free consultation to know exactly which services and products you require!

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By checking this box, I consent to receive marketing and promotional texts, calls, and emails from or on behalf of Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning and its affiliates using an automated system or auto dialer for any purpose, including heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing. Consent is not a condition of purchase, and I can opt-out at any time.

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Very pleasant and professional.
— Louise
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We had a quote on new heating system and heat pump. It was a very pleasant and professional. Explained what would be best for our home and gave a very professional quote and images of the equipment. We are beyond excited to have this company upgrade our heating and cooling system for our home. Consequently because of feeling very comfortable with all they stated that would be best for us we have an install date end of this month I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Fantastic company and service!
— Margie
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Fantastic company and service! How fortunate I was to find this company! My A/C quit during a 100+ degree heat wave on a Sunday. After calling 5 companies with no luck, I was thrilled to learn that Taylor Heating and A/C had an emergency technician available. Excellent communication let me know when Ron was on the way. He quickly diagnosed the problem, replaced the defective part, and had the A/C running in no time. Ron was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly as he patiently explained the issue and resolved the problem. He even shared helpful warranty information about our Trane heat pump that will be useful for the future. I highly recommend Taylor Heating and A/C.
Courteous, clean, and right on time
— Matt
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After finding out from another company about a costly repair on our furnace due to water damage and receiving an estimate for full replacement of our furnace and heat pump with no explanation, I reached out to Taylor Heating for another opinion. A gentleman, Nar Lopez, from Taylor Heating came out to look at our system, which is under the house, and came up with a creative design to get our furnace off the ground to protect it from our water issues during heavy rain. He also spent the time explaining the project and what equipment would best fit our home based on our needs. The installers were courteous, clean, and right on time to start the project. The communication leading up to the project was great and I never had to reach out wondering about a timeframe for my start date. Nar even came out to check on the finished work and to make sure we were happy with everything! I would highly recommend Taylor Heating.

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