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Dealing with a clogged drain is one of the many occurrences that homeowners encounter. Your first instinct may be to attempt to deal with the issue on your own using store-bought chemical drain cleaners.

But did you know many of these store-bought chemicals are too harsh for the pipe systems in your home and can eventually cause them to corrode? If you are dealing with a clogged drain, count on the professionals at Taylor Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing to help get your plumbing system back in order.

Our highly trained team can safely and effectively remove soap scum, hair, food scraps, grease, or any other debris that is building up inside your drain. Clogged drain? Call (253) 208-5315 today to schedule a drain cleaning service. We’re available for same-day service!

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Debris builds up in your household drains as well as your main drain line
over time. In the kitchen, the problem often arises from a buildup of food
scraps, oil, and grease. In the bathroom, hair, soap scum, and residue
from beauty products accumulate in the sink and shower drains over
time. You may notice at first that the water is draining slowly. If you don’t

address the problem right away, the water will continue to drain slower
until the drain eventually becomes completely blocked.

Other signs your drain may be clogged include:

If you aren’t sure what is causing your water to drain slowly, our South
Seattle drain cleaning experts can perform an inspection with a drain line
video camera. This technology allows our plumbers to locate
obstructions quickly and accurately in drains and main sewer lines.
Video camera inspection also allows us to detect other problems in pipes
and sewer lines, such as cracks, leaks, poor-fitting joints, line breaks,
roots in the sewer line, or collapsed pipes.

Solutions for Common Drain Clogs

Are your drain lines backing up? We offer drain cleaning in South Seattle
to get your water flowing freely again. Our plumbers utilize state-of-the-
art equipment to pressure-clean your drains and resolve any clogs.
When we are finished, your water will drain like it did when your pipes
were brand new.

We help with all types of common drain problems, including:

We use top-quality hydro-jetting equipment, which utilizes high-pressure
water to eliminate clogs in drains and sewer lines. In addition to
removing the clog, this method completely cleans out the pipe.

4 Ways To Prevent The Need For Drain Cleaning

1. A lint trap for your washing machine – When your washing machine is
done, all the dirt and debris from your clothes don’t just disappear. It all
goes down your drain line, where it can cause serious clogs before
reaching the sewer.

2. Consider a hair filter for your shower drain – Our Seattle drain
cleaning professionals get called into homes and businesses to clean
hair out of the shower drain more than anything. These hair-stoppers are
cheap pieces of plastic that cover your drains and protect your drains
from the onslaught of hair.

3. Be careful about what goes down your garbage disposal – Cooking
grease, oils, pasta, rice, celery, bones, eggshells, and coffee grounds
should all be disposed of in your trash can as opposed to your garbage
disposal or kitchen drain.

4. Rinse your drains once per month – We sometimes feel like we don’t
have to rinse our drains because we can’t see them, but they should be
cleaned at least once per month with a combination of warm water and
vinegar if you don’t want regular visits from our Seattle drain cleaning

We understand the stress a clogged drain can cause, so we offer prompt
service for drain cleaning in Seattle and neighboring communities in
South Puget Sound. When the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, or
another drain becomes blocked, it disrupts your everyday life. Don’t
suffer for days or weeks with a clogged drain. Give us a call! We will resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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Great service! Quick and on time!
— Melissa
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Water heater and furnace inspection and maintenance for sale of home. Technician explained what he was doing. Took pictures of before and after . Great service! Quick and on time! Thank you
Thank you for delivering exemplary service and products!
— Jacqueline
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We started with a service tech for a tune up. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained the issues thoroughly and that we needed to replace the water tank and heater unit, and along with the options. I appreciated his transparency and amazing customer service. I even contact him after 5:00 with a question and he replied promptly. The installer was also prompt and installed the units quickly. We are pleased with the new unit and tank and were glad to get the annual service plan so the new units are serviced timely. Thank you for delivering exemplary service and products!
Polite, professional, efficient and completed the job in a timely manner.
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