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Getting Your Heating System Autumn-ready

Crisp leaves, comfy sweaters, and a hot mug of tea! Who doesn’t love autumn?
But don’t forget to prepare your heating system for those chilly fall evenings! Here’s how we
recommend you get ready.

1) Preventive is the name of the game! 

No one wants to find out their heating system is broken at the last minute — emergency repairs are expensive! Instead, schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with us today, and our experts will inspect your system, making sure your heating is efficient and problem-free, and preventing costs further down the road. Make sure you and yours are snuggly warm this autumn season.

2) Air filters. 

One of those little things you don’t think about until it’s needed, air filters not only protect you from dust, dirt, and pollen, they also are an important part of keeping your HVAC system up and running cleanly! We find that air filters are one of the most forgotten aspects of heater maintenance for homeowners, and recommend replacing them every 1 or 2 months (this can depend on the type of filter you have). With your air filters changed, you’ll be ready for warm, clean air all winter long.

3) Carbon monoxide detector.

No homeowner should neglect this critical device! As essential as a fire detector, a carbon monoxide detector will help protect against a build up of the odorless gas that can even prove fatal. Part of guarding against build-ups includes never leaving a space heater to run without supervision, and heating your home with something other than a gas stove. But keeping a well-repaired HVAC system is important too, as faulty or broken parts can also leak carbon monoxide.

Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning wants you to have a safe, cozy autumn here in the
beautiful Tacoma / Puyallup area. For all your HVAC needs, whether programming your
heating system or repairing your air conditioning, we look forward to helping you today!

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