AC Air Filter

Types of AC Air Filters: A Comprehensive Guide

Is it time to replace your AC air filter, but you’re not sure what type you should be using? Air filters come in various shapes and sizes—they may also be made of different materials. Each HVAC system requires a particular type of air filter to ensure optimal performance and good indoor air quality. Thus, homeowners …

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HVAC Measurement

AC Air Filter Sizes

At times, we don’t give air filters the respect they deserve. From keeping indoor and outdoor contaminants out of our breathing air to keeping our HVAC system safe from any build-up, air filters have a more important role than we think. HVAC companies advise users with indoor pets and a love for cooking to clean air …

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Taylor Heating & AC Service

When Should I Get My AC Serviced?

As temperatures rise, air conditioners become an essential household appliance. Not only do they provide relief from the heat and humidity, but they also help keep our homes comfortable and safe. However, it’s important to remember that regular maintenance is key for keeping your air conditioner running optimally. Spring is the best time of year …

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