How To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home This Winter

As we move into the cold weather months, everyone’s thinking about how best to stay healthy this year.

Plenty of folks experience allergies in the fall and winter; and of course, we’re sprinting headlong into flu season as well. But in 2020, the added worry of COVID-19 has everyone thinking – “how do I ensure that the air in my home is free of allergens and viruses? 

Here are a few simple tricks to ensure that you’re breathing clean and healthy air this winter!

Consider an air purifier

Air purifiers can trap germs and allergens that may affect your breathing; and some models can even scrub the air of viruses and bacteria. We’ve covered different types of air purifiers before; so if you are interested in upping the air quality in your home, give us a call! We at Taylor Heating can find you a purifier small enough for a single room, or large enough to affect the air in your entire house. 

Change your furnace filters regularly

This trick is simple, but effective! The filters on your HVAC system get clogged with dust in a surprisingly short amount of time. Make sure that you’re changing them out regularly, so that the furnace runs efficiently and so that it doesn’t continue to blow dust-laden air through your home. You may also want to consider upgrading the MERV rating of your filter. A higher MERV rating will allow you to capture more allergens and pollutants in your home. 

Invest in some air-purifying houseplants

Everyone knows that plants contribute to the air quality of the planet – but did you know that they also can improve the quality of the air in your home? Not to mention that it’s always nice to have some color in your living room or bedrooms during those gray winter months!

If you’re in need of an air purifier, or a more efficient HVAC system, give us a call at Taylor Heating & A/C! 

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