Should I Switch From An Electric To A Gas Furnace?

If you’re deciding whether or not to switch from an electric to gas furnace to heat your home this winter, here are some things to consider!

We’d be willing to bet that everyone is interested in a lower cost of living. But when it comes to utilities, what is the most economical form of heating your home?

This, of course, depends on a lot of things – but many people have found that changing from an electric furnace to a natural gas furnace has immensely helped to attain a lower electricity bill.

But what should you know before switching from electric to gas? Here’s a list of things to consider while you decide which heating system is best for you.

Does your area provide natural gas as an option? 

Natural gas energy is a viable option in many regions; however, there’s a chance that your county only provides electric energy. If that’s the case, look into energy rebates or lower cost, energy-efficient electric heating (such as heat pumps) that may be available to you!

Does your house have access to a gas line?

If your house already has a gas line, this makes your choice that much easier! Typically, newer homes in urban areas will have access to a gas line; otherwise, you’ll need to have one installed. This can cost thousands of dollars, in addition to furnace installation. Therefore, you’ll need to consider this when you’re thinking about making the switch from electric to gas.

Have you considered the long-term savings?

Converting to gas heat can be expensive up front – especially if, as we mentioned earlier, you don’t have immediate access to a gas line. However, it’s worth doing some math to figure out how much money you can save over the years by switching to gas heat. Generally speaking, natural gas is a cheaper  form of energy, whereas electricity is more expensive. By converting from electric to gas, many homeowners find that they can save hundreds of dollars on their utility bills. 

Whether you go with gas or electric heat to warm your home this winter, Taylor Heating and A/C can help you choose the best option for your family. If you’re in the South Sound area, give us a call today to chat about your HVAC system!

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