Warm Hearts Giveaway Winter 2020 Winner – The Foafoa Family

Michael Foafoa has given his all.

A United States Air Force veteran and father of seven, Michael worked for FEMA before being disabled. Now, unable to work full time, he still cares for children and grandchildren.

When you step into the Foafoa home, you can feel the warmth of love within it. The care and tenderness that has been housed in these walls is now a part of the home’s foundation. On almost every wall are pictures. Most of them of family, and some of the awards and achievements of children and grandchildren. Almost like one big refrigerator for this proud papa. 

In 2018, Michael picked up the burden no parent should ever have to bear; he lost his son, Steve, to lymphoma. With children and grandchildren still depending on him, Michael and the family continued to give their all. They still do today, putting others before themselves. They’re also active members of The Big Climb. A Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Their Tacoma home, which has seen so many lives cared for and nurtured, had itself, started to show the need for care. Because of your help and nominations, we were able to install a brand new, efficient heat pump and HVAC system.

The home was already full of warmth. Because of you, we were able to make it even toastier in the winter (and cooler in the summer). If that doesn’t speak to the mission of Warm Hearts, we don’t know what does!

Two times, each year we launch the Warm Hearts campaign. Always with the goal of helping people in need. With your help and nominations, we give away at least one full HVAC system and install it free of charge. At Taylor, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable home. It’s our mission to see that through!

Over the last few years you have helped show us true gems in our community. People, like the Foafoa family, who give every part of themselves away and ask nothing in return. Even to their own detriment.

This summer, we ask that you help us again in the Warm Hearts campaign! 

Who do you know that is giving their all? Who do you know that could really use a helping hand? Or in this case, a free heating and cooling system? We would love to meet them!

Everyone deserves a comfortable home. You can nominate people and families in need by clicking here.

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