Crucial Safety Features Of Your Gas Furnace

Do you know if your gas furnace is safe?

The control board of your gas furnace, also known as the integrated furnace control or the motherboard, is the brain and intelligence inside your furnace. The control board receives the signal from your thermostat and tells all the components of your gas furnace how to operate properly in order to provide you with heat. It also helps diagnose furnace issues and will shut the furnace down in certain circumstances to ensure safe operation and avoid any potential safety hazards.

Important Safety Features and Control Board Issues

Most modern furnaces come installed with safety switches and limit switches. These are crucial safety features inside your gas furnace that notify your control board to shut down when an issue is detected, such as overheating or if a flame is sensed somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

Older furnaces might not have some of those safety features, which can be a cause of concern considering older units are more susceptible to overheating and flame rollout that can potentially cause a fire.

The control board sends and receives signals from all components within the furnace. Any failures or irregularities are quickly identified by the integrated furnace control and are typically flagged by a sequence of lights on the board.

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How to Recognize a Control Board Problem

Signs that you have a malfunctioning control board can be tricky to diagnose, as they often cause failures in other components throughout the furnace. Uncomfortable temperatures, irregularities in the sequence of operations, and intermittent failures can be telling signs.

Gas furnace control board issues are not to be taken lightly and you should always contact a local heating professional if you feel there may be an issue!

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