5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Fall

Fall is around the corner, and the temperatures are starting to drop.

With colder temperatures comes increased usage out of your furnace. Proactively taking care of your furnace not only adds years to your system’s life, but saves you money on repairs and replacement costs in the long run. We’ve put together a list of some things that you can do to make the transition from Summer to Fall as seamless as possible. 

Clear out the space surrounding you furnace.

Make sure there aren’t any boxes, debris, or loose materials surrounding your furnace. This will ensure that your furnace has the ability to function as designed and will not be impeded by any blockage.

Remember to check your filters.

Airflow is one of the most important factors your furnace has when it comes to functioning properly. Clogged filters can inhibit airflow and decrease the efficiency of your system. Dirty filters can also result in your family suffering from allergy like symptoms due to an abundance of dust in your home.

Make sure your exhaust pipes are free from any buildup.

With the wind & rains comes falling debris and leaves that can potentially clog up your exhaust pipes. It’s important to keep these pipes clear as once they become blocked, pressure can build up over time causing stress on your system that could result in costly damage.

Check the registers around your home.

Use a cleaning cloth to remove dust and debris that naturally accumulate over time. Make sure that your vents are open and uncovered, and that the return air grills are free from any buildup so that you can circulate air throughout your home properly.

Schedule your annual preseason tune-up with a local HVAC professional.

It’s better to have your furnace inspected and maintained by a professional so you can catch any potential issue early on and prevent them from becoming a major issue that requires shutting down your furnace and going without heat. In addition, when your furnace runs efficiently, it uses less energy and saves you money. Save even more money by taking advantage of our $79 Furnace Tune-Up Special we have going on right now! 

As we mentioned, a properly functioning furnace requires regular care. It’s important to take care of your system before the first frost of the season to ensure your furnace will keep your home comfortable all winter long. Plan ahead with this First Frost of The Season forecast. While most tasks can be done at home, some issues require the skills and knowledge of a professional. Feel free to give us a call or text us with any questions you have! 

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