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Spanaway residents have trusted Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning for over three decades, and there’s a reason why. Rooted in family values and driven by a commitment to excellence, we’ve built our reputation the “Taylor Way.” This means prioritizing your satisfaction above all, ensuring our NATE & EPA certified technicians deliver top-tier services, and offering robust preventative maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly. 

Whether you’re considering a system upgrade or need after-hours emergency services, our team is just a call away. With flexible financing options, industry-low diagnostic fees, and a promise that “we’re not happy until you’re happy,” it’s clear why Taylor stands out in Spanaway.

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Heating and Cooling Services

Furnace Repair in Spanaway, WA

A furnace is an integral component of your home, responsible for providing warmth during those chilly months. When it malfunctions, not only does your comfort take a hit, but safety concerns can arise too. Furnace repair involves diagnosing the issue, whether it’s a faulty thermostat, ignition problems, or airflow disruptions, and then rectifying it to restore optimal performance. Regular furnace repair ensures consistent warmth, energy efficiency, and prolongs the lifespan of your unit. At Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on swift, effective repairs, ensuring that Spanaway residents stay cozy and safe. Trust in our expertise to keep your furnace running smoothly.

Furnace Maintenance in Spanaway, WA

Just like any other machine, your furnace requires regular check-ups to maintain its efficiency. Furnace maintenance encompasses a thorough inspection, cleaning, and fine-tuning of all its components. This proactive approach helps in identifying potential issues before they escalate, ensuring uninterrupted warmth. Regular maintenance not only boosts the efficiency of your furnace but also results in energy savings and a longer unit lifespan. With Spanaway’s unpredictable weather, having a reliable furnace is crucial. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring your furnace is always ready to combat the cold. Let us be your furnace’s best friend, providing it with the care it deserves.

Furnace Installation & Replacement in Spanaway, WA

There comes a time when repairs no longer suffice, and a furnace replacement becomes inevitable. Whether you’re setting up a new home or upgrading an outdated system, furnace installation is a critical process. It involves selecting the right unit for your space, ensuring it’s energy-efficient, and setting it up for optimal performance. A correctly installed furnace not only provides consistent warmth but also operates efficiently, leading to cost savings in the long run. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning is Spanaway’s trusted partner for furnace installations and replacements. Our team guides you through the selection process, ensuring the chosen unit fits your needs perfectly. Experience warmth like never before with our top-notch installation services.

Air Conditioning Repair in Spanaway, WA

Air conditioning systems are our saviors during the sweltering summer months, offering a cool refuge from the blazing sun. However, when they falter, the discomfort can be overwhelming. Air conditioning repair involves identifying issues, be it refrigerant leaks, sensor problems, or electrical glitches, and addressing them to reinstate optimal cooling. Timely repairs not only restore comfort but also prevent minor issues from becoming major, costly problems. At Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to ensuring Spanaway residents enjoy uninterrupted coolness. With our skilled technicians at the helm, your AC woes will be a thing of the past. Rely on us for prompt and efficient repair services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Spanaway, WA

To keep your air conditioning system running at its best, regular maintenance is key. This service includes a detailed inspection, cleaning of components, and adjustments to ensure peak performance. Regular maintenance can detect potential issues early, enhance efficiency, and extend the life of your unit. Especially in Spanaway, where summers can be intense, a well-maintained AC is essential for consistent comfort. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers meticulous maintenance services, ensuring your system is primed to beat the heat. Trust us to keep your AC in top shape, ready to deliver cool comfort whenever you need it.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Spanaway, WA

Whether you’re moving into a new home or your old AC unit is past its prime, investing in a new air conditioning system is a significant decision. The installation process involves selecting an appropriate unit for your space, ensuring it’s energy-efficient, and setting it up for maximum cooling output. A properly installed AC not only guarantees consistent cooling but also operates with enhanced efficiency, leading to long-term savings. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning stands as Spanaway’s premier choice for AC installations and replacements. Our team assists you in choosing the perfect unit tailored to your needs and ensures a seamless installation process. Dive into a world of cool comfort with our exceptional installation services.

Heat Pump Repair in Spanaway, WA

Heat pumps are versatile systems that provide both heating and cooling, making them an essential component for homes in Spanaway. However, like any equipment, they can encounter issues over time. Heat pump repair involves diagnosing problems, whether it’s a malfunctioning thermostat, a refrigerant leak, or a compressor issue, and rectifying them to restore the system’s efficiency. A timely repair ensures that your home remains comfortable throughout the year, regardless of the season. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for heat pump repairs in Spanaway. Our skilled technicians swiftly address any malfunctions, ensuring your heat pump operates at its best. Choose us for reliable and efficient repair solutions.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Spanaway, WA

Regular maintenance is the secret to a long-lasting and efficient heat pump. This service encompasses a thorough inspection of the system, cleaning of essential components, and making necessary adjustments to optimize performance. Routine maintenance can identify potential issues early, enhance the system’s lifespan, and ensure energy-efficient operation. In Spanaway, where the climate demands reliable heating and cooling, maintaining your heat pump is crucial. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring your heat pump is always ready to deliver optimal comfort. Trust our expertise to keep your system in peak condition year-round.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement in Spanaway, WA

Investing in a new heat pump or replacing an outdated one is a significant step towards energy-efficient heating and cooling. The installation process involves assessing your home’s needs, selecting the right unit, and setting it up for maximum efficiency. A correctly installed heat pump not only ensures consistent temperature control but also reduces energy bills. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning is Spanaway’s leading choice for heat pump installations and replacements. Our team guides you through the selection process, ensuring you get a unit tailored to your needs, and guarantees a flawless installation. Elevate your home’s comfort with our top-tier installation and replacement services.

Ductless Mini-Split Solutions in Spanaway, WA

Ductless mini-splits are modern marvels in the world of heating and cooling. They provide precise temperature control without the need for bulky ducts, making them ideal for homes with limited space or those desiring specific zone cooling. These systems are all about flexibility and efficiency. If you’re in Spanaway and are looking for a streamlined way to manage your home’s climate, consider the benefits of a ductless mini-split. At Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in these systems, ensuring they’re perfectly suited to your needs. With our expertise, you’ll enjoy optimal comfort in every corner of your home.

Refreshing Indoor Air Quality in Spanaway, WA

Breathing clean air indoors isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for good health. Our indoor air quality solutions focus on purifying the air you breathe, removing common pollutants and allergens. Especially in places like Spanaway, where different seasons bring varied air quality challenges, it’s crucial to maintain a clean indoor environment. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning is your ally in this mission. We employ advanced techniques and tools to ensure every breath you take indoors is as fresh as the outdoors. Let us help you create a sanctuary of pure air in your home.

Comprehensive Air Duct Care in Spanaway, WA

Think of air ducts as the highways for your home’s climate, directing conditioned air to every space. Over the years, these pathways can gather unwanted guests like dust, mold, and debris, impacting both your air quality and system’s efficiency. Our air duct solutions encompass a thorough cleaning, maintenance, and potential repair of these vital channels. For those in Spanaway, ensuring these ducts are clear is essential for a healthy home environment. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to maintaining the integrity of your air ducts, ensuring a smooth journey for the air you breathe and maximizing your system’s performance. Choose us for a cleaner, fresher home environment.

Plumbing Services

Efficient Drain Cleaning in Spanaway, WA

Drains are the unsung heroes of our homes, quietly managing wastewater and ensuring a hygienic environment. Over time, however, they can become clogged with debris, hair, and other residues, leading to slow drainage or even backups. If you’re in Spanaway and facing drainage issues, consider the importance of professional drain cleaning. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers meticulous drain cleaning services, ensuring smooth water flow and preventing potential blockages. With our expert touch, you can bid adieu to standing water and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with clear, functioning drains.

Innovative Tankless Water Heater Solutions in Spanaway, WA

Gone are the days of waiting for water to heat up or running out of hot water mid-shower. Tankless water heaters provide on-demand hot water, ensuring you never have to wait. For Spanaway residents looking to upgrade their water heating system, tankless is the future. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in these modern systems, offering both installation and maintenance. Experience the luxury of instant hot water and the efficiency of a system that heats only when needed. Trust us to bring this modern convenience into your home seamlessly.

Expert Sewer Line Care in Spanaway, WA

The sewer lines in our homes play a crucial role, discreetly managing waste and ensuring our homes remain sanitary. However, issues like blockages, breaks, or tree root intrusions can disrupt this essential service. In Spanaway, when facing sewer line challenges, it’s vital to have a trusted partner. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive sewer line services, from inspections to repairs. Our team uses advanced techniques to diagnose and address issues, ensuring your home’s waste management system functions optimally. Rely on us to maintain the integrity of your sewer lines, safeguarding your home’s hygiene and comfort.

Electrical Services

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring in Spanaway, WA

Electrical wiring is the silent network that powers our homes, bringing light, warmth, and connectivity to every corner. However, outdated or faulty wiring can pose risks. In Spanaway, if you’re living in an older home or planning a renovation, consider the significance of modern, safe electrical wiring. Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers expert wiring and rewiring services, ensuring your home meets today’s electrical standards. Our team crafts solutions tailored to your home’s unique needs, ensuring efficient power distribution while prioritizing safety. With us, you can be confident that every switch, outlet, and light fixture is backed by quality wiring.

Comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspections in Spanaway, WA

Every homeowner wants to be certain that their home is a safe haven, free from electrical hazards. Regular electrical safety inspections are the key. In Spanaway, Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning provides thorough inspections, examining your electrical system for any potential risks. Our certified electricians evaluate everything from your panel to your outlets, ensuring they adhere to safety regulations. Post-inspection, we offer recommendations to enhance safety and efficiency. Trust us to provide a clear picture of your home’s electrical health, giving you peace of mind.

Reliable Automatic Generator Solutions in Spanaway, WA

Power outages can be more than just an inconvenience; they can disrupt daily routines and even pose risks, especially during extreme weather conditions. An automatic generator is your safeguard against such disruptions. For Spanaway residents, Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning offers top-tier automatic generator services. Whether you’re considering an installation or need maintenance on an existing unit, our team ensures you’re never left in the dark. With our expertise, your home remains powered, come rain or shine, ensuring comfort and safety for your family. Choose us for uninterrupted power and unparalleled service.

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For the residents of Spanaway, ensuring the comfort and safety of their homes is paramount. Taylor Heating & AC is your trusted partner, offering a wide array of services spanning HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs. With years of experience and a reputation built on excellence, we’re not just technicians; we’re your neighbors committed to providing the best. 

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By checking this box, I consent to receive marketing and promotional texts, calls, and emails from or on behalf of Taylor Heating & Air Conditioning and its affiliates using an automated system or auto dialer for any purpose, including heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing. Consent is not a condition of purchase, and I can opt-out at any time.

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Very pleasant and professional.
— Louise
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We had a quote on new heating system and heat pump. It was a very pleasant and professional. Explained what would be best for our home and gave a very professional quote and images of the equipment. We are beyond excited to have this company upgrade our heating and cooling system for our home. Consequently because of feeling very comfortable with all they stated that would be best for us we have an install date end of this month I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Fantastic company and service!
— Margie
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Fantastic company and service! How fortunate I was to find this company! My A/C quit during a 100+ degree heat wave on a Sunday. After calling 5 companies with no luck, I was thrilled to learn that Taylor Heating and A/C had an emergency technician available. Excellent communication let me know when Ron was on the way. He quickly diagnosed the problem, replaced the defective part, and had the A/C running in no time. Ron was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly as he patiently explained the issue and resolved the problem. He even shared helpful warranty information about our Trane heat pump that will be useful for the future. I highly recommend Taylor Heating and A/C.
Courteous, clean, and right on time
— Matt
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After finding out from another company about a costly repair on our furnace due to water damage and receiving an estimate for full replacement of our furnace and heat pump with no explanation, I reached out to Taylor Heating for another opinion. A gentleman, Nar Lopez, from Taylor Heating came out to look at our system, which is under the house, and came up with a creative design to get our furnace off the ground to protect it from our water issues during heavy rain. He also spent the time explaining the project and what equipment would best fit our home based on our needs. The installers were courteous, clean, and right on time to start the project. The communication leading up to the project was great and I never had to reach out wondering about a timeframe for my start date. Nar even came out to check on the finished work and to make sure we were happy with everything! I would highly recommend Taylor Heating.

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