How to Hack The Heat and Keep Your Home Cool

We’re now well into the warm-weather months, so most of us here in the Pacific Northwest are trying to figure out how to beat the heat. Many renters and homeowners in western Washington find they don’t need central A/C in their homes, due to this region’s mild climate – but there are always a few weeks in July and August when every resident, from Seattle to Olympia, is sitting in a kiddie pool full of ice. 

Whether you’ve got a built-in A/C system, or whether you’re making do with your kiddie pool – we know you’re curious about how to keep your home cool this summer. Don’t worry – Taylor Heating and A/C has some tips and tricks for you. 

1. Close your blinds

Natural light is wonderful, sure; but in July and August, those beautiful rays of sunshine are turning your home into an oven. Close your blinds during the day to keep from cooking yourself and your family!

2. Open your windows at night

To save a little money on your A/C bill, turn off your system at night and throw open those windows. We’re lucky enough to have cool evenings here in the South Sound, so the circulation of the fresh air may help cool your home as much as your A/C!

3. Wait to use your appliances

Dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, and other appliances create a lot of energy when they’re running. Consider doing at least some of these chores after the sun has gone down. That way you won’t be contributing to the summer heat. 

4. Maximize your airflow

Circulation, circulation, circulation! That’s the key to a comfortable home. To maximize that circulation, keep the doors inside your house open during the day. That way, you’ll increase airflow from room to room, allowing your A/C to infiltrate as much square footage as possible. 

Considering an A/C installation this summer? Give Taylor Heating & A/C a call! We serve Tacoma, Puyallup, and most of the South Sound regions. 

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