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Heating Contractor Services Puyallup, WA

Since its inception, Taylor Heating and A/C heating contractor services have dedicated itself to the provision of services that are satisfactory and value added to its customers. We pride ourselves in our ability to capture the momentum innovatively and work with the latest technology. All employees are licensed, to service, maintain and install services that require a high level of proficiency.
At Taylor Heating and A/C, we are;

  • Innovative
  • Loyal
  • Committed to establishing and building relationships
  • Trained and certified

Taylor Heating and A/C employs and retain a team of highly qualified technicians. Our team of experts undergoes continuous learning to keep in touch with current developments. We offer the following services;

Water Heaters

Taylor Heating and A/C install water heaters. We replace your old and inefficient water heater with a new one at your request. Older water heaters use the outdated technology that consumes more energy. We install a new water heater for you to ensure that our power bills stay as low as possible. We have a variety of heaters from which you can choose. Besides installation, we maintain and repair your water heater should it show signs of wear.

Heating and Cooling

Our heating contractors install, service, maintain and repair commercial and residential heaters and coolers. We are well versed in the various HVAC products and systems. We do not leave it at installation; we follow-up to ensure that your product is serving you well and avail our services whenever you need maintenance or replacement.

Residential Ductless heat and cool air conditioners:

Ductless air conditioners have replaced the traditional conditioners that were large and energy consuming. The ductless conditioners save you money by consuming less energy and dispensing cool or warm air directly into a room. Multi-split systems allow you to create zones that ensure that room only gets supplied with heat or cool when occupied. We install these ductless heat and cool air conditioners for you. Whenever you need repairs or servicing done, call us, and we will be at your doorstep before you can notice a change in the air.

Furnace Repair:

As your furnace wears and ages, it loses its efficiency. You need a replacement that will ensure energy conservation. We repair and replace your furnace so that it works as good as new. Call us for a free assessment, a price estimate, and speedy expedition.

Why should you choose us?

At Taylor Heating and A/C understand the value of customer loyalty. Our primary goal is not only to grow but to serve our clients in the best way there is. Two of our strong suits are commitment and relationships. We are not just interested in getting your business; we are interested in being your preferred service providers for a very long time. Our customer service attendants are friendly and engaging. Our technicians are qualified, courteous and will go out of their way to ensure you are happy with our services.

Cities of service: Puyallup, Graham, Bonney Lake, Orting Tacoma, WA

Whether you’re looking for a free estimate to add a heating system to your home or looking to upgrade your current system, we’d love to help! Please give us a call today at 253-208-5315, or schedule an appointment HERE!