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Backup Generator Puyallup Tacoma

Backup Generator Puyallup, Tacoma, WA Installation & Service

If you’ve ever been stuck in the dark during a violent storm that caused a power outage, you can understand why having a residential backup generator might be a great idea. But darkness is often the least of your worries when a major storm has disabled the electricity service in your area. Many homeowners who have been through extended periods without power, have purchased backup generators for their homes to supply power when it’s needed. Apart from the practical reasons mentioned below, you will enjoy considerable peace of mind from knowing that you have a generator out in your garage, which is capable of supplying all your power needs during any emergency.

Keep home comfort systems going

It’s a toss-up as to which is worse – losing your power during winter a snowstorm, or losing all power during a summer heat wave, punctuated by violent thunderstorms, tornadoes, or possibly even a hurricane. The winter storm would probably win the debate as the worse of the two, since frigid temperatures could be life-threatening. But the discomfort caused by extreme heat and humidity for an extended period of time might at least cause you to think twice about it.

With a backup generator ready to go, you could power up your air conditioner in summer or your furnace in winter, so that your home comfort systems could run normally and keep all family members relatively comfortable. If you were to lose your refrigerator for even a day, you can probably count on throwing away just about everything you had stored inside, and the same could be said about your freezer.

How long could you go with no sump pump operating to keep water out of your basement? How long can you go without washing and drying your clothes? You wouldn’t have to worry about either of these electrical appliances, or about any other system powered by electricity, if you had a reliable backup generator at the ready.

Insurance policy

A backup generator provides much the same value as an insurance policy would to your family. Most of the time you don’t need it, except under unusual circumstances, or in the event of some event well out of the ordinary. But when that event does happen, it’s great to know that you have your insurance policy standing by, ready to protect everyone in your household from unsafe or unhealthy conditions which may have been triggered by a violent storm. People who live in geographic areas of the country which are prone to such storms, should seriously consider having an insurance policy on the premises, ready to spring into action when needed. And anyone who lives in a ‘safe’ area of the country, would be just a little bit safer with one.

Whom to call

While you’re thinking about it, call Taylor Heating & A/C to discuss the details of purchasing a backup generator that can keep your whole family safe in the event of unanticipated bad weather or other disasters. We sell backup generators and do generator repairs and maintenance for all the communities around Puyallup, Graham, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Kent, Orting, Steilacoom, Black Diamond, and elsewhere.