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Taylor Heating & AC is the South Puget Sound’s premier provider of Indoor Air Quality systems and services. We provide an assortment of innovative services and industry-leading products that will improve your home’s air quality and maximize your home’s comfort. Over the last 35+ years, we’ve welcomed tens of thousands of happy customers to the Taylor Family, and we would be honored to serve as your trusted Air Quality expert.

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Did you know that the air quality inside your home could be up to 10X more polluted than the air outside? Poor indoor air quality can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, or throat, and has been linked to respiratory failure and some forms of cancer. Don’t suffer from indoor air contaminants another day. Our Taylor-fit solutions are designed to improve the healthiness of your home by decreasing the air pollutants and toxins inside of it.

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What our Air Quality Clients Say?

To all who may read this, sit back and hope you can experience professionalism as easy and as comfortable as I did. From the moment I made the initial call to the company’s telephone receptionist I felt special. That warm “fuzzy” feeling was extended further when the following afternoon I was visited by Nar Lopez, the company’s (Taylor Heating and A/C) Comfort Advisor. Nar, as I now choose to call him, was extremely personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly, he listened. We went to each room of my home discussing the needs and priorities for weatherized comfort in each room’s scenario. We finally settled into the living room discussing specific ratings of equipment for this and that and exactly how a ductless system would be more than beneficial to what I have been accustomed to with a current 30 year old Coleman heat pump and forced air furnace as my go to comfort system.This time, I listened. What he elaborated on was the virtual sense of comfort I would be feeling from the ductless system itself, the ease of operation, the satisfaction I would feel when I reviewed my PSE energy usage and to see the actual reduction in kilowatt hours used month and month after month. continued…  

Richard W

Happy Customer

One of their staff members, Brett, was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of input when he came out to do our quote. He was also very prompt in emailing the quote to us after his visit. When we decided to hold off on getting a new furnace and instead just getting the A/C, Brett was quick in updating our quote. 

The installers were nice and professional. They also pointed out some things about our crawl space needing to be addressed and recommended a reputable company to help us with those needs. 

Even though we have some air ducts needing to be replaced, we can already feel the difference in the house temperature, especially upstairs. I cannot wait to be able to feel the full effects of the A/C once we get our air ducts fixed under the house. 

I very much appreciate their knowledge and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Kathryn H

Happy Customer