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Air Conditioning Repair Puyallup WA

Ductless air conditioner outsideWhen the weather starts heating up in the summer season around Graham and Puyallup, WA, your air-conditioning system immediately becomes one of the main comfort systems for the entire household, providing cool, fresh air which has been dehumidified, so that all household occupants can enjoy the benefits of great indoor air quality. However, like all appliances and other devices with moving parts, air-conditioning systems are subject to occasional breakdowns, especially if they are several years beyond new.

In order to avoid these kinds of breakdowns and keep staying cool, a periodic maintenance checkup is a great idea, and if you don’t feel comfortable with doing that for your home air conditioning system, why not let us handle it for you at Taylor Heating & A/C? Sometimes though, even regular checking will not prevent parts from wearing out or having some kind of a general breakdown, and that’s when you need repair service.

Taylor air conditioning repairs

If you’re experiencing some kind of system outage with your air-conditioning operation, the first thing you should do is call us at Taylor Heating & A/C, so we can send a certified and licensed technician to conduct a thorough inspection of your cooling system, to determine what the problem is. It may be that your system simply needs a refrigerant recharge, or it may need to be de-iced to bring it up to snuff. But whatever the situation is, it will be quickly identified by our cooling specialist, and repaired in the shortest time frame possible.

When our technician arrives at your location, it will be in a vehicle fully equipped to handle whatever kind of problem you might have with your cooling system, being stocked with a full range of replacement parts, refrigerant, and anything else needed to efficiently resolve your issue. Because our technicians are highly trained, you can expect all repairs to be done right the first time, and completed to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

All replacement parts and workmanship done on the job are guaranteed to be of the highest quality so that you won’t have a recurrence of the problem a few weeks later. After repairs have been made, our technician can advise you about the long-term outlook for your air-conditioning system, to let you know what kind of longevity you can expect in the future. If you happen to have an older system which will be due for replacement within a year or two, our specialist can discuss some options with you about what the best approach might be for a new installation.

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When you need repairs, regular maintenance, or a brand new installation of your cooling system, call Taylor Heating & A/C before you call anyone else. We pledge to provide the best service, the best products, and the best professionalism of any HVAC company in the region.